Sunday, May 3, 2009

R.I.P. Grandma Fely Ramil

This is the last time we all saw her.... sending her off to the Philippines @ SF Airport. She's with all her grand kids (minus my brother Josh and cousin GJ) that live here in the states.

So I got a call this morning around 3am and it was my cousin. When she called, I can hear her mom crying in the background and she told me "Nana is gone". The first thing that came out of my mouth was "Don't lie to me". Because seriously.... our grandma is one of the most healthiest person we know. It still didn't hit me even when I called my brother to tell him the news. I didn't start crying until I told my little sisters, because they were so close to her, especially since she lived with us and took care of us. I knew she was sick when she went back to the Philippines but I assumed she'd get better. She was suppose to get better and we were all suppose to see her again in 5 months. That was the plan. I guess GOD had bigger plans for her instead. Anyways, please pray for our family... especially my mom and 8 of her other siblings. They're all taking it pretty hard and heading back to the Philippines. And pray for my tata too... he's always been so dependent on my grandma and could never go anywhere or do anything without her. But now, it's just him alone. So I hope his heart will heal soon.

To Nana,
First off, I wanna say how deeply sorry I am for not treating with more respect when I was younger. When I was young and sick, it was you who stayed over night with me in the hospital because I was too scared to stay alone. And I yelled at u a lot back then. I even made u cry and I have always felt sorry about that and never forgot it. You have always taken care of your kids and grand kids and even great grand kids. When I asked for money, you never asked questions and just gave it to me. When my mom yelled at me over cleaning, you'd take the cleaning supplies away from my hands when she wasn't looking and did it yourself because u said u were bored anyways. You always asked if me and the twins have eaten yet and cooked us so much food. Even if we weren't hungry... you'd cook anyways just to make sure that whenever we were hungry, there would always be food for us. When I fell down the stairs and sprained my ankle, you were the first person who came running toward me and massaged my foot and put medicine on it. You sewed up all my shirts and pants. When I was too busy to do my laundry because of work and school, so my clothes were left wet and cold in the washer, you'd take them out, put them in the dryer, folded them, and the put it outside my room door. You knew I hated it when people went in my room so whenever u find something that's mine, you always placed it nicely outside my room door. You never asked me to drive u to the flea market because u didn't want to bother me. U even would yelled at tata when he asked me to drive u somewhere. So even when it was blazing hot, u and tata always walked all the way there without complaint. You've done so much for this family... for us, and even more than I can count or remember. I'm only sorry that we couldn't do enough for u. I will always and forever be grateful to be your grand daughter. I love u SOOOO much that I wish I can just tell u that and hug u one last time. But I know God is taking good care of u now and I know I will see u again. I know u are watching over us from heaven, smiling upon all of us. We miss u and will never forget you. I LOVE U NANA!!!

<3 Chrysteen

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