Monday, January 19, 2009

A little introduction

"In My Own Words" is a place where I can write what I see, feel, and experience, whether it's good or bad or random. I got the title from hit song writer and artist Ne-Yo. His first album was titled "In My Own Words". With this album, he was able to express and write his feelings and experiences and share it to the world through his music. People express themselves all the time through their art works, music, or dance. Mine is writing. It may not solve all my problems in the world, but it will help relieve some of the stress and frustrations a little. Through this blog, I will let it all out. My happiness, sadness, anger, joy, etc. The REAL Christine Cacal will be shown inside and out, whether you like it or not. I will write from my heart and soul -- IN MY OWN WORDS


  1. i'm watching you o_o
    lol. love ya!

  2. First of all, WELCOME TO BLOGSPHERE! I am glad you granted my wish. Thank you. I hope this can help you express yourself without hearing your *toot* (you know who i'm referrin' to) violent reactions. lol I'm excited for all the readers out there to see the true beauty of my cousin CHRYSTEEN CACAL. I LOVE YOU!