Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Earning them $$$

So this year is going to be a really busy and hectic year for me. And a poor year as well. I have to work like crazy if I even want to have money to go and do the things I need and want to do. And buy the things I need and want. Plus study hard so I can graduate soon! A lot is going to be happening and I'm not even prepared yet! Here it is

First off, I got accepted to SFSU and SJSU (yay for me!) My only problem is, I don't know which one to go too. I want to go to SFSU, but my parents are really struggling with money right now (who isn't right?!). So if I do decide to go to SF, that's even MORE money they have to spend on my books, tuition, living expenses, etc. But I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to go there! Oh what to do?!?!?!? I have to decide soon. So that's why I'm trying to work more so that I can save up a little of my own money to help out my parents a bit and I don't have to full rely on them. But it's hard when work keeps cutting hours. And because my other job requires me to go out of town a lot, I have to request a lot of weekends off.

Speaking of my other work, there are SOOOO many events that I'll be doing for Prime Media Unlimited, it's not even funny. We had a meeting Sunday night and let me just say "WOW!" A lot of concerts and events coming up. A lot of marketing and promotions we'll be doing for it. A lot of traveling as well (which is my favorite part), and more writing experiences for me as well. Woo hoo! I can already picture us spending hours late night working and not enough sleep. But that's show biz for ya! We don't get paid much, but the experience is fulfilling enough for me.

I really want my camera. I'm taking photo class right now because I wanted to have more knowledge about photography before actually spending $700-$1,000 on a camera and I don't even know how to use it. I've always been interested in photography and wanted to pick it up sooner, but I never had the resources for it. Now that I do, I'm loving every minute of it. And I want to improve as well. Since I'm a journalism major, I'd figure being a photographer can help me as well in my field of study. So I have to save up money for that

Flat screen HD TV. Who has those heavy box looking televisions nowadays?! Go to any middle class home and there, you will see at least one big flat screen tv. I don't even watch tv in my room anymore because. I really want my own flat screen hd tv in my room!

Computer. My laptop was suppose to be mainly for just school and work, nothing more. I would use this laptop and bring it to school to type my notes rather than writing them. Write my papers and essays @ starbucks. Stuff like that. So I want a computer for everything else. I use to download and burn my dramas on my laptop, which made it very slow later on. I don't think it's meant to handle that much for so long. So I want my own computer as well.

Photo printer. I take A LOT of digital photos. But I want hard copies of them too, so I want my own printer that can print me good quality photos from my camera.

Vacations with the cousins. My cousins and I have been wanting to go on vacation with just us for awhile now, without our parents, which means everything is paid by us. We wanted to go last year, but it just wasn't possible. So now we're planning for this year around December to go to Disney Land. I know December is a loooong way from now, but time goes by fast! And with everything else that's going on, it's going to be hard saving up money for that too.

And of course, there's the obvious - food, birthdays, and clothes. If only I knew how to cook, I wouldn't be buying food everyday. But all my house serves is soup with shrimp and squash (I know what it's called but I can't spell it). I love it, but not all the time. It's always Filipino food all the damn time! Birthdays. I'm the type of person who feels like I have to give a bday gift to those closest to me. If I don't, I feel like they don't know my sincerity. And of course, clothes. I'm a girl, so to update on your wardrobe is a must. Especially if you see a sale! So tempting not go at least look.

So as you can tell, all of these involve money, and lots of it. I'm going to work hard this year, but of course, keep school my #1 priority still. The one's I'm really focusing on though is my camera and vacationing with my cousins.

To end on a happy note, I tend to listen to this song often to make me feel better when I'm stressed out. Hillsong United's "At The Cross". I've heard and seen a lot of renditions, but my favorite would have to be Cathy and Gabe's version of it. Check it out:

ahhhh gabe is so hot isn't he?! maybe that's why I like this version.... hehe =)

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