Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Weekend Plans

Got BIG plans this weekend! Oh where to start...

Thursday - Not really considered a weekend, but it is for me since I don't have school these days. Hopefully we'll be going to the movies with Anthony. But our plans never fall through. Other than that, around 5:30, Mike will pick me up and then we will head over to Leilani's and off to the Warriors game! They will be playing against Portland Trailblazers. I'm excited because this will be my VERY first live basketball game. I know basketball though and I'm a big fan. I've been playing since I was a kid and was even on my middle school team. I use to be a huge Lakers fan during my high school years, but got lazy now and haven't really been catching up. Saw a few Warriors game on TV when they we're getting better in 2007 and 2008 but nothing much. So probably after this game, I'll be a Warriors fan. We'll see!

Friday - It's friday the 13th! And the movie with the same title comes out! heheh will probably watch that in the afternoon because at night, I have work! Gotta make them $$$ as mentioned before in my last blog

Saturday - Valentines Day. Just another day to remind me that I have no one! Who's with me out there?! I honestly have NEVER had a Valentine in my life. I always seem to be in a relationship during the times where no holiday occurs. I'm a spring love and summer fling kind of girl I guess you can say. In early afternoon, I will be taking my sister and her friends to the movies and mall and that's pretty much it. But at night, I will be with my lovely Frankie J. Yep, the singer! He will be @ Sabor Lounge that night and my friend put me on the guest list. So, hopefully I'll get to see him live! I can already hear him singing to me... "How do you cope with the one you love is with somebody else and there's nothing you can do about it. How do you deal with the fact that you had a chance but you chose to turn away for your career..." Ahhh i love it! I plan on getting crazy drunk this night!!! So watch out for my drunk phone calls!

Sunday - My twin sisters 13th bday! Wow they're teenagers now... and the rebelling and pmsing begins! Well they already do that, but it'll be even more! Go to church in the morning, then probably dinner with the family after that. Don't know where though. But anytime I can go eat out at nice restaurants for free, I'm all in!

Monday - While you elementary, middle, and high school kids have a week off, us college people only get one day off. At least for me that is, I'm not sure how it works with the semester system (I'm on quarter system). Homework day for me! yay! How fun....

Sorry if my blogs seem so random and out there. Who loves to read about other people's lives?! haha before people thought I'd write all this emo and depressing stuff about my life. I did at first, but not lately. The problems are all still there though, unsolved is what it is. There is some venting out I want to do about my mom (again), but I think I'll save that for later. But don't worry, as soon as more new drama come's up (and trust me, there will be), I'll be pouring my heart out once again. And that's when the REAL novel writing of mine begins. hehehe I'll be posting up more pictures too of this weekend as each day passes. So watch out for those!

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