Friday, February 6, 2009

My Car Is Cursed!

Haha seriously, it is. Since Day 1 of getting my car, I've gotten nothing but trouble at least once every year. Here's proof!

July 2005 - This was the 1st day I got my car with my dad and stepmom. My stepmom had to leave early for work so she took the car we drove in. When I finally got my car, I had to drop my dad home all the way to Atherton (by palo alto). At the time, I didn't know my way around that area so trying to find the freeway back home, I guess I drove too fast and ended up getting a ticket! What a nice way to start off getting a brand new car

2006 - Not quite sure when this happened, but I know it did! Got hit from the back bumper on oakland road cus some lady thought it was a green light instead of a red. Is she color blind or something?! Luckily she didn't hit too hard and there were no bumps or scratches

December 2007 - This is why I NEVER drive highway 880 South at night anymore unless it's an absolute emergency. The traffic sucks! But I needed to do some xmas shopping and I didn't wanna go great mall. So my friend KC and I decided to go to Valley Fair instead. I'm on the far left lane and traffic is moving slowly. I wanted to start switching lanes already because my exit was coming up. So I signal and start looking over my shoulder and rear mirror to see if it's clear. There's still space in front of me on my lane so I start to slowly move forward and try switching lanes. But suddenly, that big space I had in front of me was no more cus the cars in front of me suddenly all break. But when they did that, I was looking at the other lanes to see if I can go. It wasn't until I hear KC yelling out, "CC! Watch out!" and I tried to dodge the car in front of me but ended up hitting it anyways. And it wasn't just some 2nd hand old car. It just had to be a lexus of all cars! Well my side mirror is gone and so it my front bumper. And the guys rear bumper is totally smashed. Luckily, he was really nice though! He told me it wasn't my fault and that the other cars in front of him all suddenly just breaked really fast.

Summer 2008 - I think it was during the summer. But anyways, I was suppose to hang out with my friend Jenny, but no call from her yet and I was hungry. My niece Janessa was at our house because we were babysitting her. When her mom, Kia, came to pick her up, she invited me to have lunch with her, Janessa, and my brother near their place by Oakridge, so I said yes. I drove my car to follow hers so that they didn't have to drive all the way back to drop me home. So we're on highway 680 South and Kia stays on the right lane. I'm following her, but not so close. I suddenly see her swerve to the right without signaling. Because my car is lowered and she drives a van, I didn't see what was in front of her to make her move like that. When she did finally move out of the way, I saw a big pile of broken wood and nails on the lane and tried to dodge it. Unfortunately, I was too late and ended up going over it. Something must have caught under my car because then I couldn't control my wheels anymore and ended up spinning around across the other lanes. And can you believe it? There were no cars on the other lanes as I was spinning. I don't know, to me that's just insane! Other cars before and after me had damages to their cars but mine was ok still.

February 2009 - So as always, there's Filipino food at home and nothing more. It's late and I'm hungry so I decided to get some Wing Stop. I place an order to go and on my way, I'm listening to music through my iPhone. My iPhone suddenly stops, and as I'm making my right turn, I look down for 2 seconds to see the problem. Then when I look up, I run over the curb really hard and there's smoke coming out, my air bag light goes on and my seat belts cannot adjust anymore. The shield under my car is dragging and broken as well. However, just got off the phone with the dealer for my car, and they fixed my seat belt, and my air bags are fine. No charge since it's under the warranty. yay! But won't be ready till monday.

So whatever accident, big or small, I seem to never get hurt! LoL I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but how lucky can you get!? REALLY! It's like I have 9 lives or something. But I shouldn't jinx it because the next accident (and I'm pretty sure there will be one), I may not be so lucky. And NO it's not all my fault. It's just bad luck. I'll admit the last one was my fault though. But I'm still alive and breathing! So that's a good sign right? This may sound a bit corny, but I feel invincible - like nothing can hurt or touch me. hahahaha wow that did sound a bit weird and corny. Oh well, it's true! But it seems like every year, the accidents just keep getting bigger. Ahhh I hope this is where it ends!

Anyways, thanks to everyone who messaged me on my facebook and called me and left me voice mails to see if I was okay! I really feel loved! <3 awww hehe

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