Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Weekend Recap

Long time no blog! Sorry everyone that I haven't updated much lately. As you can tell from my last blog, I had a busy weekend and when the weekend was over, I had school. So no time to share with you all about what's been going on. Well as promised, I have pictures from over the weekend! They say pictures speak a thousand words, so lets have my pictures do most of the talking.

February 12 - Oakland Warriors vs. Portland Trail Blazers
Warriors won by the way =)

February 13

Nothing much here, just worked and then went to the movies with friends to watch Friday the 13th. Very jumpy movie! Too much sex and boobs for me though. But if you're into those things, then go for it! Despite those parts, there were other parts where I screamed and hella jumped out of my seat, so it kept me going. Also the fact that I love Jared Padalecki <3

February 14 - Valentines Day

Spent Vday @ Sabor Lounge in downtown San Jose with my friend KC to see Frankie J. We were in the front and took pictures with him!

More youtube videos that I took of him are on my youtube account!

February 15 - Twin Sister's 13th Birthday

Congrats to my sisters Jennifer and Stephanie for becoming a teenager! Let a drama begin!!! mwahahahaha. Well we went to church that morning, then had a fabulous dinner at one of my favorite Italian restaurants, Macaroni Grill. Then back to the house for ice cream cake from cold stone!

So that weekend cost me a lot of money!!! I think I spent almost $200?! Gotta start saving up again!!! So it's another weekend coming up which means more work! More work = more money. So until next time!

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