Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So 2 nights ago, I was REALLY bored and was on the phone with 2 of my friends, KC & Leilani. Leilani was @ KC's house cus she was bored too so I decided to drop by as well. I figured that I'd rather be bored with other people than bored by myself. hehe anyways, we started reminincsing about our childhood and what disney movies we grew up watching and loved! Beauty & the Beast, Aladin, Lady & the Tramp, The Aritocrats, etc. My friend KC then said she still had the movie The Lion King on VHS. lol wow VHS... didn't think they still existed. So we watched it! Man that brings back hella memories. So here's a list (in no particular order) of my top Disney movies growing up! They don't make them like these anymore. These are classics!

Except for Scars song that he sings in here, I loved all the other songs! I think this was the first disney cartoon movie where I actually cried! I cried when Mufasa died ='( I saw this in theatre twice! And both times, the theatre was so packed that people ended up sitting on the stairs and aisle.

I actually sang their song A Whole New World in my elemtary school talent show with 2 other girls. Robin Williams did an excellent job playing the Genie

Eddie Murphy's character here was HILARIOUS! Mushu (the dragon) just cracked me up throughout the whole film. Not to mention that this movie was about an asain girl who can kick some ass! This movie also introduced me to Christina Aguilera, who sang the original song Reflection, in which Mulan sings. At the time I didn't even know Christina Aguilera existed, and is now considered as one of my favorite music artist of all time.

Flounder was the bomb! haha if you don't remember who that was, it was the blue and yellow fish, Ariel's best friend. He was my favorite character in this movie. And my favorite scene was when Ariel and Eric was on a row boat and Sabachian sang Kiss The Girl. But the scene that scared the crap out of me was when that lady octupus turned all big and scary and sounded like a man. I cried =(

So I remember watching this movie in the theatres with my mom. I remember I liked all the colors cus it seemed like everything in this movie was so colorful. My favorite song here was "
Color of the Wind"
and I would sing it alllll the time!

So for the most part, I liked these cus of their songs. If you noticed, I didn't even put Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, or Beauty & the Beast. Those with princess and princes to me seemed all the same. Poor girl meets rich prince and there's an evil witch or stepmother blah blah blah. It's not like I hated them, I did enjoy them too. But I thought the one's I mentioned showed more variety. Since I was a kid until now even, I watch Disney. Especially after watching scary movies, I would almost always watch disney right after so I won't be scared anymore and be happy! hehe k well thats all for now! So until next time <3

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