Thursday, March 26, 2009

More K-Pop

So there are 3 k-pop albums that I just can't get enough of! Love these songs and artists! If I wasn't a cheap ass and broke, I would actually go and buy them! (wow I haven't bought a CD in FOREVER). But with technology nowadays, I can just get them for free. Anyways, here they are! Check them out yourself if you haven't.

Super Junior - Sorry, Sorry (3rd Album)

I mentioned before that I really liked Super Junior's new song Sorry, Sorry. Well I got to FINALLY listen to their whole album and OMGEEE! I LOVE IT! haha seriously. Out of all their albums, this is the best they've done. And usually, I only like a few songs from their albums, but there are quite a lot I like in this one. This is really HUGE improvement since their debut in 2005. Here's their tracklist from the album in order. The ones I put (*) next too are my personal favorites! (even though there all good)

1. Sorry, Sorry*
2. Why I Like You*
3. Let's Not*
4. Angela
5. Reset*
6. Monster
7. What If*
8. Heartquake feat. Micky & Yunho (from DBSK!!!)*
9. Club no. 1
10. Happy Together
11. Dead At Heart*
12. Shining Star

So here's their comeback performance that was on the 13th. They performed Why I Like You and Sorry, Sorry. People say "Why I Like You" was plagiarized by Ne-Yo's "Closer", especially in the chorus. Honestly, it does sound like it to me! But u be the judge. I still like the song

2AM - Time For Confession
When it came to singing, I always preferred 2AM over 2PM. But when it came to looks, 2PM. For those who don't know them, they're under JYP Entertainment (who manages The Wonder Girls). 2PM has 7 guys and are more of a hip hop dance group. 2AM consists of 4 guys with a more ballad r&b type. When performing together, they are called One Day (where do koreans come up with these things?!?!) Anyways, I was only able to get 3 songs from this album, not sure how many exactly there suppose to be. But all the songs are great!

1. A Friend's Confession
2. Lost
3. Though I've Turned Away Once Before

here's the MV for their song A Friend's Confession with english subs

It's sad that Boys Over Flowers will be ending next week. Noooo! =( But their OSTs are awesome! So good that they ended up making a 2nd one since the first soundtrack was so popular. All the songs are good, but THESE are my personal favorites (not in any particular order)

1. Ashily - Lucky
2. SS501 - Because I'm Stupid
3. Some Day - Do You Know (absolutely love their melody and harmony in this song!!!)
4. T-Max - Bad For The Heart (Ballad Version)
5. A'st1 - Yearning of the Heart
6. SHINee - Stand By Me

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