Friday, March 13, 2009


So sorry it's been awhile since my last blog. Believe it or not, but I do have a life. haha joke. But anyways, other than school and work, that's pretty much all I've been busy with. And in between, I still find the time to catch up on my korean dramas and music. haha so here's what I've got so far:

Since Boys Over Flowers is still airing on Mondays & Tuesdays, I get really impatient waiting a whole week for the new video uploads with english subs. So to get the anxiousness out of me, I started watching another drama that Goo Hye Sun (the main girl in B.O.F.) starred in, which is Pure Heart aka Hearts of 19. Original broadcast had 167 episodes but mysoju got it down to 122 episodes. It's pretty good, although I skip a bunch of the parts and focus on her love story. If you haven't watched it and are bored waiting for Monday and Tuesday to come ever week like I am, then watch that. Here's the Synopsis for it that I got from DramaWiki:
Gukhwa (Koo Hye Sun) is a young country girl who leaves Yanbian (China) for Korea to get married. When she arrives in Seoul, she finds out that her fiance had just died in a car accident. Instead of returning to China, she decides to stay and create a new life in Korea. With the help of her fiance's family and in particular his nephew, Ugyeong (Lee Min Woo), she is able to overcome the hardship of living in a foreign country.

Another drama that keeps me waiting every week since it's currently airing is a taiwanese drama starring Jerry Yan of Meteor Garden (Taiwanese Version of Boys Over Flowers). The drama is called Starlit. As much as I love the romantic comedy dramas, I still prefer the sad dramatic ones for some reason. This one is pretty good and I haven't cried.... YET. But I know I will eventually cus it's a sad story.Cheng Yue (Jerry Yan) and Rui Shan (Alice Ceng) are pianist and cellist. They are the most high-profile golden couple in the music industry. One day, Cheng Yue tried to save Xiao Lu (Terri Kwan) from car accident. But unfortunately he break his arm and can't play piano. Devastated Cheng Yue give up music and chose to travel. 2 years later, Cheng Yue arrives in Shanghai, and meet Xiao Lu (Terri Kwan). The 2 become colleagues, and due to work interactions, they gradually establish a friendship. At this time, Rui Shan finally tracks down Cheng Yue. She tries her hardest to get Cheng Yue to return to the music world. However, Xiao Lu encourages him to face life with a postive attitude, and Cheng Yue realises that he is impacted by Xiao Lu’s kidness and enthusiasm. From being a person who has hit rock-bottom, wallowing in self-pity, he has re-ignited the passion in life.

Cheng Yue falls in love with Xiao Lu, but he is rejected by her, why? Is their love fated to be a tragedy? Although they are not blessed, although they do not have a future, Cheng Yue still bravely loves Xiao Lu...

And finally.. another awaited group has made their comeback. After 1 year and 6 months, The original and full 13 members of Super Junior are back! Their new song Sorry, Sorry is pretty catchy to me. A lot different from their other music like U or Dont Don and even my favorite Marry U. This seemed a bit more mature, and judging from their music video, they seem to be trying to come off as a more manly image. Here's the MV

And of course, I did my research. Turns out that the dance was choregraphed by Nick Bass and Trent Dickens, who also choregraphed for other artisits such as Justin Timberlake. Here's them performing their choregraphy for Super Junior's Sorry, Sorry. And let's face it, of course they dance it a WHOLE LOT BETTER.

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