Monday, March 16, 2009

Upcoming Events for Next Month

I wan't April to come already! hehe turns out that next month will be a hectic and busy month for me, and I love it! April 3 will be the Divas 4 Divas Concert @ SJSU. Next week will be finals and then spring break. Then I start a new and hopefully LAST quarter @ De Anza on April 6 before transfering to state in the fall. I got my acceptance letter to SJSU, so now I have to decide if I wanna continue to stay home for school or go to SFSU. Even though I always talked about going to SFSU and that SJSU is my last choice, it still all depends if my parents can afford me living in SF. I pray it will happen, but we'll see! My relatives from Hawaii will be here as well starting April 8-21. I miss them so much! I always enjoy having my relatives come visit, because that's the only time we can actually spend some REAL family time together doing things we never really have time to do or thing we wouldn't normally do. But while my aunt, uncle, and little cousin will be staying for awhile, my other cousin Jericah will only be here for a week cus of school (April 7-15) But we'll try and fill in that week with as much activities as possible. And whatever we don't get to do, we can do it over the summer when they come again God willing. So stay tone for A LOT of pics to be posted on my myspace and facebook! Also, on April 12 will be the Britney Spears Concert feat. the Pussycat Dolls @ HP Pavillion. I'm very excited about this! We're all the way on top balcony though cus my friends and I are cheap. haha but we just really wanna enjoy ourselves and watch them live, and that's good enough for us.

So on a side note, I decided NOT to get my camera. As much as I want it soooo bad, I realized that there's more important things I need. Like a computer. When I first got my laptop, it was suppose to be for school purposes only. And it has been so far, but also for other unnecessary things that I'm scared my hard drive won't be able to take it one day. So my friend will buy parts and build me a computer so I can have more space and storage for all my music, pics, and videos. Plus be able to burn my dvds and etc. That's gonna cost me over $700. After that, I will continue to work hard and buy my camera. Hopefully will get the camera by the end of the year.

That is all. Promise to blog about more fun and interesting things later! lol sorry if it seems so boring and random nowadays! As soon as something depressing happens to me (which it always does), I'll go back to blog u about it. Cus that's when I truly open up my heart and soul. So until next time!

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