Monday, March 23, 2009

My Passion Type

So I took this quiz on facebook about my passion type. It is REALLY accurate to me! After taking the quiz, here's what the results said:

Passion is your middle name

Key Traits: approachable, enthusiastic, energetic, open-minded, positive, animated You are a positive spirit bundled with insatiable enthusiasm. You aren't hesitant about diving head first into new adventures and relationships. Although you might find yourself surrounded by people similar to you, you are about as open-minded as can be. You love to absorb yourself into different cuisines, different sights, different cultures and even different opinions. That's why, when seeking a romantic partner it's more important to you that they possess the same enthusiasm for life and love, rather than the same stance on a political proposition. There are few things you find more attractive and appealing than meeting that special someone who can hold his or her own in a debate AND go adventuring with you.

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